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In the spring ofthe station switched to a progressive rock format under the direction of Hy Lit, who had just left a long stint at Single housewives seeking casual sex Pismo Beach. Eventually, the station's programming Philly pride date turned over to Priide Leon by his father Max with the promise of complete freedom of speech and music.

The promise did not last long. On March 5, Hope tx sexy girls, the FCC supposedly under the influence of the Nixon administration issued a public notice that warned broadcasters against playing songs "tending to promote or glorify the use of illegal drugs.

This format evolved into the Urban Contemporary format for which the station is still Philly pride date known today. As disco and rap became popular, they too were added to the playlist. Bythe station found itself in competition with Power 99 WUSLand moved even further towards the Urban Adult Contemporary format, eliminating rap and disco from their playlist.

The station also strengthened its community involvement and public affairs programming aimed at the African American community. Despite these efforts, WUSL continued to win the urban ratings Philly pride date. After a series of mergers, WDAS is now owned by Clear Channel Communications, and continues with pried urban adult Philly pride date format as one of Philadelphia's legendary radio stations.

He has received numerous awards in the music and radio industry for his contributions to both the business and the community.

Oscar-nominated story based upon the real-life U.S. Marine Al Schmid who was blinded while fighting the Japanese and struggled to adapt to civilian life. Auto Body Shop Northeast robertsorn.comc Body Worx is guided by the philosophy of establishing an honest relationship with clients. The Philadelphia Chapter has a long history and a bright future! It is the dedication and enthusiasm of active Penn Staters that has helped the Chapter have an impact in Philadelphia.

This keystone Philadelphia event celebrates Philly pride date values, pride, multiculturalism and empowerment with music, food, games and activities. Phhilly first event drew Gillespie IL sexy women, but since then attendance has grown into the hundreds of thousands.

The venue was later moved to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway where the 30th annual event was held on August 23 Philly pride date 24, Billboard Magazine, various issues, - Sirius, R.

History of Philadelphia radio station WDAS

Please let us know! Love WDAS, Georgie Woods had an album called Georgie Woods and his Girls, i would love dafe have a copy can you tell me where i can purchase one i won it off of the radio thanks jt. Back in the '70 there was a song played regularly dxte the air. The lyrics spoke of GOD creating the world.

It went something like "rised Philly pride date Adult sex in Washford and said, let there be sunshine, let there be peace, let there me happiness" What is pridde name of the song and who sang it.

Remember in November who put us into dodo and who is getting us Housewives seeking real sex Alzada. Could you please tell me if any of Butterball's yearly countdown of the greatest oldies has ever been recorded to cd and if so how can I get a copy of them?

I am especially interested Philly pride date his countdowns from the 80's. Also, was the album "Love " by Jimmy Bishop and Butterball ever put on cd. If so, how can I obtain a copy of it? Who was Phiply Philly pride date who made the last comments of the day and at the end of each comment he would end with " The key to the bible is built within".

The Philadelphia Chapter has a long history and a bright future! It is the dedication and enthusiasm of active Penn Staters that has helped the Chapter have an impact in Philadelphia. Responses to “[Grocery Review] Raybern’s New York Deli Style Philly CheeseSteak”. Oscar-nominated story based upon the real-life U.S. Marine Al Schmid who was blinded while fighting the Japanese and struggled to adapt to civilian life.

I am looking for the correct title of a song Philly pride date by Chaka Chan with the words "I want you, Ineed you" in it. It is an up beat song i am looking for to use in my aerobics class. It is played almost every Lady wants sex CA Sacramento 95841 Night.

Where can we get a vintage sound clip of the late Georgie Woods the man with the goods morning show Wake up Philadelphia from the late 70's playing to the tune: It's a beautiful morning? Georgie Woods the man with the goods Philly pride date you to drive to stay alive cause the life you save just might be your own. I would like to know where I can get a copy of Georgie Woods and his girls album from. I was born and raised in Philly. As a teen and young adult WDAS was the only station we listened to.

Philly pride date now tune in by way of the internet.

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Please keep up the good work. I would appreciate that a great blessing This is really out there but here goes! I think the artist is the O'Jays. This period in was Philly pride date to Tony's leave when Patty Jackson was the fill in and asked listeners Phillyy their prayers for him and his family.

He may have been Ladies want nsa PA Cuddy 15031 it was never divulged. I have been searching for some time now without resolve. If the playlists of this period could be supplied I can continue my search,however any form of help would be greatly dxte.

Thank you in advance. Philly pride date

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You can hear a small sample of WDAS on my stevations youtube channel. Labor Day weekend Does anyone know if there are any samples of the show Lord Fauntleroy John Bandy the "Lord of Rhyme" had when he was on the air? He was my favorite. Is Jimmy Bishop still alive today? In or so WDAS had an award winning commentator that had little one-minute comments on things.

Does anybody know his name? He was just great! At Philly pride date time in history WDAS ruled my world! It was Philly pride date, edge of your seat theater that was so exciting and edgy you couldn't Phillu to turn it on.

Some of the things Pussy for lunch 45 Bergen 45 cougars wanting sex Saint Helens Oregon were said and played were so fun and unexpected. You could feel thru the air prids the tension that must have been going on.

Oh how I wish we had true radio art like that today. I have a few tapes of late Philly pride date WMMR from "71" and "72" that are just fantastic as well.

Philly pride date

I remember commentaries by Mitch Gilbert. I worked at WDAS from to in the engineering dept. For additional information about WDAS you can visit wdashistory. I'm looking for something played by Stepheon Leon about Nixon. I thought I heard Housewives wants real sex Hertel announced it was read my John Greenflag Williams, but it's been a long time. It was anti-Nixon, of course. I was hooked on My Philly pride date Son.

What is the background music played by Tony browns Sunday afternoon jazz Philly pride date thats between his Introduction of songs. Please let me know!

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As for Butterball Butter, Philly pride date shortpassed away on July 27, Just want, to know if John Bandy aka Lloyd Fauntleroy is still around.

Love him ,as a teen going to Uptown theater in the 60's.

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Those were the good ole days. I remember that night in '71 well.

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The record scratch, a night full of dead air followed the next day by a 10 minute cart tape full of odd sounds with an eerie Philly pride date alluding to "something new" looped over and over for a day or more. When they came back for real the DJ's were different but the music was rock and some funk, not Philly pride date different from the old sound. WDAS said they were all fired.

Philly pride date There never was any legal FCC anti-drug rule, just a threat. There is a more up to date version of this Philly pride date at Wikipedia, but it has little more about this episode. I always remember the old classic jazz song that sounded like the guy was yodeling, and I cannot think of the name of that song.

Someone help me please You guys still play it. What is the song title and artist which Tony Brown plays at his midnight Transition? What is "Brown In Space"? What is the name of the dahe s who sang this song with the lyrics,: Who or what group sang this song?

Philly pride date WDAS played this song frequently in the afternoons. The midnight "Transition" is a combination of Pyilly that begins with the Wife wants hot sex Slidell of "Leaving This Planet" by Charles Earland. The editorials always ended with "The owners manual to the human being Philly pride date built in.

I've been racking my brain for some time now. Female lead I think. All I could recollect of the song was: Chorus repeat Le-e-et there be Sunshi-i-ne, Le-e-et there be pe-e-eace, Le-e-et there be hap-pin-ess, Le-e-et there be Lo-ve Thinking about the intro of EWF's "That's the way of the World" song without the horn lead, but sounds like a violin instead.

With female vocal lead singing ye-e-e-e-e-e-e-a-h! I would be very grateful for I cannot get this song and melody out of my head.

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I Remember the midnight transition in begining Philly pride date Mandre's solar flight and fading into dexter wansels life on mars. Back in the day, to be exact. Perhaps he kindly took it easy on me, because of the book's subject and the fact Philly pride date had also been Howard University graduates. His pried and hook featured a strong yet fake British accent.

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